How to get rid of Five O’clock Shadow?

Work on it after a long day

The five o’clock shadow that a person can deal with is something that can come about after a long day out. Hair can easily grow back on one’s face or armpit even after it was shaved earlier in the day. Taking care of this problem is easy to do by working to get a proper shaving process to work. However, it will help to use a few things in mind.

Always keep warm

Warm water is the key to making sure that the five o’clock shadow on an area can be efficiently removed. It will help to use warm water when shaving and also when washing one’s face when preparing for a shave. This is used to ensure that the face will not have to deal with a great amount of pain and also so the hairs on one’s area will be properly softened. This can make even the shortest hairs easy to remove.

Be careful with shaving

A five o’clock shadow will involve hairs that are smaller than that of what one is normally used to. Therefore, it will help to be as careful as one can possibly be when shaving. A good shave will be something that involves making sure that the face will look its best and it should not involve any cuts that can cause bleeding. It is best to be very cautious with one’s shaving here. Using a smooth razor that has not been used too often will be the key to this point in the process.

Is aftershave required?

Aftershave is not always needed. It can work to correct razor burns and to make the user feel comfortable. It can create a pleasant scent too. However, this is a completely optional thing to use when getting rid of that five o’clock shadow.