How to get rid of Hair Knots?

About hair knots

If you have ever had tangled or knotted hair, then you know that you do not want hair knots. Healthy hair is made up of hair strands that are smooth and strong. Hair knots make your hair look knotted and dirty, and can lead to hair breakage and even hair loss. If you like your hair, want to protect it from damage and loss, and don’t want it to look matted and filthy, then you’ve got to get to work. With some care and work, you can get rid of hair knots and bring back the true luster of your hair.

What causes hair knots?

There are a variety of causes of hair knots. The most common cause of hair knots is dry hair. If hair is constantly exposed to the sun, it can result in rough hair and split ends. Poor hygiene and the heat can also affect hair. Constant “salon treatment” such as the use of blow dryers, curling ironers, and hair straighteners can damage hair. Wet and wind blown hair tangles easier giving your hair more split ends.

How do you eradicate hair knots?

Even though hair knots are such an annoying and seemingly eradicable problem, there are a variety of ways to combat, eliminate, and even prevent them. To fix hair knots that have been tangled because of wind and water exposure, try a simple brush and comb. Hair knots can be a pain to remove, especially if they’re entangled in a comb, so it’s better to stop them before they get that bad. Use a leave-on hair conditioner to replenish the nutrients and proteins in your hair. There are also some good preventative measures to keep hair knots from ever appearing or returning.

One key to good, healthy hair is to moisturize it regularly. This means using water-based hair treatments, and using only those hair products that contain all-natural ingredients. Haircuts are both a proactive and reactive solution. They are proactive because regular haircuts will remove split ends, and reactive because it gives hair a chance to grow and restore all the lost proteins.