How to get rid of Hand Wrinkles?

About hand wrinkles

Have you noticed that your hands have started looking more and more wrinkly lately? Wrinkles, especially those in the hands and face, are often indicators that a person is ageing. If you do not ever want to experience horrible hand wrinkles, then you need to learn what causes them, and what you can do to treat them proactively as well as reactively.

What are some causes of hand wrinkles?

There are a number of reasons that your hands may wrinkle. Certainly the most common reason for the wrinkling of hands is simple ageing. As the body ages so too do its parts. As you and your body get older, elastin and collagen in the skin dramatically diminish. Additional factors that may cause wrinkled hands include an improper diet, lack of water (i.e. too small of a daily water intake over a significant length of time), and exercise that is too little, too far in between, or nonexistent (again over a significantly long period of time).

Just like with other parts of the skin, your hands do not like too much Sun and UV exposure. The Sun and its harmful UV rays will dry up and suck all of the moisture right out of your hands. This will leave them dried, burnt, freckled, and eventually it will leave them wrinkled.

How do you get rid of hand wrinkles?

Well you cannot prevent yourself from ageing, and if that is really the underlying factor behind your wrinkled hands, then there really is not anything you can do but resign yourself to your fate. Wrong! There are a number of ways to treat your wrinkled hands, especially if you decide to act before they even occur. If you are acting proactively, then you can ensure that your hands are not brutalized by the Sun’s UVs by applying a high level SPF to them before any prolonged sun exposure. You can also try to keep chemicals out of your hands by wearing gloves while washing to help prevent harmful effects. Exercising also helps your hands and your body in general by tightening your skin and maintaining your muscles tone.

You need to keep a balanced diet and ensure that you get enough Vitamins (K, A, B, C, and E are particularly good for your skin), If you are acting reactively, then regular applications of hand creams and chemical peels will smooth your hands and help to reduce the wrinkles. If nothing else works, you can always opt for cosmetic surgery that will leave your skin smooth and polished. The one key to healthy skin and wrinkle-free hands is to hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate with water.