How to get rid of Large Pores?

What are large pores and pores in general?

If you have ever had a pimple or if you have ever sweated then you have used your pores. Pores are critical to keeping your skin healthy. Pores provide your skin with old that will keep your skin hydrated and soft to the touch. Though your skin needs your pores, you do not necessarily want to see them staring back at you in your mirror. Pores become for visible when something happens to them such as dilation or an infection. Pores can also become seemingly enlarged when they are clogged with oil or some other foreign substance or debris.

What are some causes of large pores?

Mostly one or both of two main factors create large pores: age and genetics. It is natural that people with thicker and oily skin tend to have not just more active pores, but larger pores. Age comes into play twice. It is not just the ageing process that contributes to the creation of large pores. Decreased skin elasticity and sun damage (accumulated over the course of many years) can cause pores to dilate. Another big contributor to large pores are blackheads. Blackheads occur when dirt and bacteria clog the pore. When this occurs, oil begins to accumulate within the pore. The accumulation of oil causes the pore’s diameter to expand. If you have large pores, then you need to learn to expect them and look on the bright side, because there is no permanent way to permanently shrink them.

How do you get rid of large pores?

Even though it is impossible to completely rid yourself of large pores permanently, there are some ways you can make them less noticeable upon a cursory inspection. You can try to reduce the appearance of large pores with makeup, medications, vitamin face washes, exfoliations, microdermabrasion treatments, and constant pore cleansing. Large pores may even come in handy in your older years. These large pores will release more oil, which in turn will keep your face smooth and healthier (i.e. less wrinkly).