How to get rid of Small Lips?

What are small lips?

Lips are considered to be the most adorable part of the face. Not everyone has lovely lips. Every woman feels jealous of Angelina Jolie for having such lovely lips. But why envy on here if there are lots of solutions and was to get the same kind of lips. Technology has increased ten folds and no one needs to worry about having small lips. One can easily do a cosmetic surgery to make sure that they have the desired kind of lips they require.

But do you know the cost of making one? The cost of doing a cosmetic surgery is really high. This makes the process less liked by many. The operation is called Botox and anyone can do it. If you do not like a part of your body, say it from anything, one can fix it by the operation. But the big question that comes up in here is the safety.

A solution the masses

Many skins are very sensitive and hence one has to make sure that they do not get hurt by having the costliest operation done. One can easily do some few things instead of spending a lot in the whole thing at one shot. One can use make up to make sure that an optical illusion is created. This is the one thing that all fashion designers do. If she/he suffers from the small lips then the best solution is to make it big to the eyes by the usage of make ups.

Lips must be smooth and the main reason why lips ae rough is the smoking. When one quits smoking then he gets an assurity that they do not get half of the diseases in this World. Every now and then use Vaseline on the lips to make sure that it does not go dry.