How to get rid of Stomach Hair?

About stomach hair

There are natural places on the human body for hair to grow, and there are natural places where your hair can and should flourish. It is natural for men to have hair on their heads, faces, chests, private areas, and legs. Women naturally have hair on their heads, legs, and pubic areas. On neither species is the stomach a natural, or wanted place for body hair to grow, much less for it to flourish, and this condition is much worse for women then it is for men. Men can just shrug it off because other men have stomach hair. On a woman it is considered a blemish. Women’s bodies are supposed to be pristine and anything that ruins that image in her mind instantly becomes a problem to be vigorously fought. Stomach hair is no exception to this rule

What causes stomach hair?

There are two different kinds of body hair. There is the light, soft hair that most people call “peach fuzz”, and then there is the dark, hard, curly hair. The latter kind of hair on a woman’s stomach can be dark and thick. There are a couple different possible causes for your stomach hair. Women naturally have a very low level of male hormones and a significant rise in the levels of these male hormones can cause a woman to grow hair in places she has never had it before or in places she does not usually have it. You can have an excess of male hormones (i.e. androgens and testosterone) spiked by Cushing’s syndrome, some varieties of medication, steroid use, and genetics. Whatever the reason that you have unwanted stomach hair, you want it gone, but how?

What’re some ways to get rid of stomach hair?

There are many ways to get rid of unwanted body hair. You can just shave the unwanted hair off with a razor or you can get it wax (or do it yourself). You can apply creams that will burn the hair off and prevent it growing for an extended period of time, and you can get laser hair removal on your stomach which will remove the hair permanently by burning the hairs’ follicles.