How to get rid of Stuffy Nose?

What does a stuffy nose tell you?

A stuffy nose or nasal congestion happens when the nasal passage become blocked or clogged. This is usually due to the fact that the membranes lining the inside of your nose have become swollen from some inflamed blood vessels. A stuffy nose can be roulette wheel. A nasal congestion can rage in seriousness from anywhere from a mild inconvenience in a teenager heading to prom to an actual real-life life-threatening condition in a newborn infant (who can only breath through his or her nose)

A stuffy nose can cause a whole host of problems on its own. At the very least a stuffy nose can affect your breathing, and leave you with a red nose from blowing it so much trying to get it clear. Nasal congestion can also interfere with the ears, hearing, and your vocals, speech patterns. If you have a severe case of nasal congestion then it can interfere with you sleep causing you to snore and maybe even cause you to become afflicted with sleep apnea (an illness where the afflicted literally stops breathing while asleep and can lead to death). If a case of severe nasal congestion happens early enough in a child’s development it can have adverse affects such as a chronic case of sleep apnea and even heart failure. A mild to high level of discomfort can also be cased by the nasal congestion in the facial and head regions.

What causes stuffy noses?

Stuffy noses are not themselves the problem but a symptom of something else. Stuffy noses can be caused by any one of combination of the following: allergic reaction, common cold, influenza, hay fever or a pollen or grass allergy, reaction to a medication, a sinus infection, or a deviated septum.

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There is no surefire cure for a stuffy nose. Keep hydrated and ensure that the airway remains open are really the only things you can do. If a stuffy nose persists, then it could signal that something serious is wrong and you should get to a doctor.