How to get rid of Swollen Ankles?

About swollen ankles

Are your ankles bigger then ever before? Are you in throbbing pain that is emanating from around your ankle? Does it hurt to stand much less walk? Then it is probably high time you sat down, propped those painful things up on the ottoman or couch, and figure out how you can try to get them back to normal besides icing them.

What are some common causes of swollen ankles?

First of all, what are swollen feet? Your feet get swollen when the muscles in your feet have some kind of fluid in excess. The excessive fluid can lead to and increase in weight. Okay, so what causes swollen feet? The swelling is caused by excessive fluid in the tissues of your body, which is then pulled down to your feet and ankles (thank you gravity!).

Again okay, but what causes the excessive fluid? There are a wide variety of things that may have caused your ankles to swell. The following is a brief list of some of the most common causes of swelling: being overweight, menstruation or pregnancy (in women only obviously), sitting or standing too long, poor diet, poor circulation, or an allergic reaction.

How do you heal swollen ankles?

There are ways to prevent swollen feet from ever happening, and ways to treat them if and when they do swell up like balloons. Some of the preventative measures are quite simple and are easily implemented into your daily routine. Diet is an important factor in keeping your body healthy (i.e. stopping swollen ankles). When planning your diet you need to consider foods that will reduce all of your excess weight (being overweight can put too much pressure on your ankles causing them to swell).

To ensure that your body has maximum blood flow you need to cut back on the salt, which can also be a factor in the causes of your excess fluid. You also need to avoid sitting or standing for prolonged lengths of time if you can help it, and exercise, especially leg exercises, can increase blood flow and may remove some of the fluid from your feet and ankles.