How to get rid of Tooth Stains?

About tooth stains

Have you ever watched a movie and seen an actor’s or actress’s perfectly straight teeth? Have you really looked at them and seen how white they are? Do you look in the mirror and wonder what they do differently to give their teeth such luster and shine? You brush your teeth, you use mouthwash, you may even floss your would be pearly whites on rare occasions or even on a regular basis. None of that matters though, because no matter what you do to your teeth, no matter what brand of toothpaste or mouthwash you use, your teeth are stained yellow or brown or both. Before you can treat your teeth, you have to understand what causes tooth discoloration in the first place.

What causes of tooth stains?

It is a pretty well known fact that drinking coffee (yes I know you need your caffeine) and that smoking or chewing tobacco are causes of tooth stains. Even if you do not drink coffee or smoke or chew tobacco products there are still a pretty big variety of things that can stain your teeth brown and/or yellow. Some types of antihistamines, antibiotics, and over-the-counter meds can ruin your once bright smile. If you thought that there is no such thing as too much of a good thing, then think again.

Excessive amounts of the tooth strengthening Fluoride can leave chalky white patches and stains on your teeth. There are other drinks that can damage your teeth besides coffee. Dark drinks (i.e. red wine, fruit juice, etc.), beer, soda, and basically anything with a lot of acid in it can stain your teeth. Poor brushing techniques or a lack of good dental hygiene (YES YOU HAVE TO FLOSS) can also lead to discolored teeth.

How do you eradicate tooth stains?

So you know why your smile looks like the inside of a cantaloupe, but what can you do about it? Are the stains permanent? Unfortunately yes, some tooth stains are permanent and can only be removed by bleaching your teeth. Keys to maintaining a beautiful smile are good oral hygiene (flossing AND mouthwash EVERYDAY), cutting back on the coffee and/or tobacco, brushing regularly and properly, visiting the dentist every six months, and keeping the soda, sugar, and acid intake to a minimum.