How to get rid of Yellow Hair?

Yellow hair is what exactly?

You have probably seen blonde people all of your life. You might even have blonde color (real or artificially colored) hair yourself. Regardless of that particular situation, you wake up one morning and look in your mirror. HOLY CRAP! You hair is suddenly yellow. But it is not the beautiful yellow of the natural blonde or even the look of the bleached platinum blonde wannabe. Your hair has turned a sickly shade of yellow. Your hair has become a color sort of like that of stomach bile, a see through, sick puddle of what you do not even want to think about much less know. Okay, panic attack aside and you are back under a semblance of calm. What can you possibly do to get rid of this…this…thing that has become your hair’s new shade?

What causes yellow hair?

Before you can go about attacking your hair, or even looking at it again, you first need to get some information. You need to know what caused your hair to turn this shade of yellow and why, before you can start looking for a treatment. The major causes of yellowing hair are external and environmental, pollutants. Poisons like cigarette smoke, air pollutants, smog (hello everyone in CA), hard water, residue from your shampoo, conditioner, and/or your other styling products. If you can’t get away from the cause, then don’t panic.

How do you get rid of the new look?

If you live and work in an area with heavy water or polluted air and simply are not going to leave for your hair, there are a variety of things you can do to make your hair get a little of its old color and some of its luster back. You can get a shampoo that cleans the pollutants from your hair or wash your hair with a special mix of vinegar and lemon juice. If you ever need professional help, just ask your hairdresser the next time you get a haircut.