Eyebrow Tweezers

Find the eyebrow tweezer with the help of our experts. Find the eyebrow tweezer at the cheapest price.

Tips for using Eyebrow Tweezers

Using eyebrow tweezers to shape a pair of perfect eyebrows. Handy tips on how to have polished and defined eyebrows after shaping/tweezing and makeup tricks to fill in eyebrows.

For lovely, well-shaped brows, you should:

  1. Go to a practised beautician to have them shaped for you the first time. Consequently all you have to do is neaten the area by plucking the unwanted new hairs that grow back.
  2. Use a clean and sharp pair of tweezers when you neaten your brows, preferably tweezers that can grasp the hair firmly and has a good spring action.
  3. Clean the brow area with some methylated spirit or astringent. This helps to reduce the pain.
  4. Pluck your brows after a hot bath – this will open up your pores and it will hurt less!
  5. Remember never to pluck against the grain – that is, you should pluck your hair in the direction of its growth.

Rubis Tweezers

Rubis's collection of Mehaz is represented the state of the art in beauty tweezers. Mehaz is offered the accurate crafted implements for professionals. This tweezer is perfect for home makeup care and salon professionals. This tweezer is designed by Rubis and created with non-magnetic stainless steel and anti acid. Special features includes: Qualitative Stainless steel, Perfect tip alignment for precision, Accurate Swiss Craftsmanship, Can be sterilized with no rusting, Slanted or point tip for all necessary tweezing.

Mini Tweezers

These are tweezers in small size. It can be easily kept it your pocket or purse. It is very handy in giving good shape to eyebrow.

Venus Worldwide Eyebrow Tweezers

Venus Worldwide Personal Care Tools have been the choice of celebrities, make-up artists and beauty professionals for over 25 years. Venus Worldwide represents the state-of-the-art in cosmetic tweezers. Featured in today's premier European salons, Venus offers these precision-crafted tweezers to professionals and those who demand the very finest in salon implements. Each tweezers has been constructed of anti-acid, non-magnetic stainless steel and designed by Venus Worldwide, a pre-eminent, internationally renowned Manicure implements  manufacturer. Different types of tweezers which Venus produces are:

  1. cosmetic tweezers
  2. eyebrow tweezers
  3. Slanted tweezers
  4. pointed tweezers
  5. straight tweezers
  6. professional hair pulling tweezers
  7. optical tweezers
  8. precision tweezers
  9. stainless steel tweezers
  10. scissors tweezers
  11. professional tweezers
  12. colored tweezers
  13. body waxing tweezers
  14. slant tip tweezers
  15. point tip tweezers
  16. fine point tweezers
  17. jewelry tweezers
  18. general purpose tweezers

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