Heated Eyelash Curler

Conventional skin-pinching curlers clamp, dent and use excessive pressure that can damage or even break your lashes. Nothing is better than heat to set a long lasting curl. Heat is used to curl the hair on your head...the same principle applies for your lashes. The challenge is to deliver the precise amount of heat ~ too much can dry out your lashes, and too little will not set a long lasting curl.

Heated Eyelash Curlers is a must have amongst celebrities, makeup artist, and European royalty. Hot Lashes Heated Eyelash Curlers have been featured on CBS, CNN, E-entertainment TV and more. Unlike other heated eyelash curlers which are only partially steel, It's 100% steel provides a tighter, longer lasting curl. The new heated eyelash curler design provides a sturdier grip and a rounded silicone pad that curls lashes instead of crimping them. Your beautiful eyes will appear more open, creating an instant lift highlighting the beauty of you eyes. Here you'll learn all you need to know about eyelash curlers, which ones are best & even the new heated ones.

Eyecurl Eyecurl Heated Eyelash Curler

Greatly improved - this eyecurl is even better now. The latest must have beauty accessory. The EyeCurl heated eyelash curler as used by Kate Moss

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler

Heated Comb - Heated comb creates natural, long-lasting curls in just seconds. Heat indicator lets you know when the Eyelash Curler is ready to use. Quick and Easy - Comb curls and separates each lash. Pain-Free - Safe and easy use--no pinching, tugging or pulling! Long-Lasting - Glides through mascara leaving thick, natural curled lashes. Features includes:

  • Power Source One "AA" battery (not included)
  • Operating Time Approx. 21 uses (2 min./ 1 usage)
  • Included Accessories Cleaning brush and protective cap
  • Heated Comb
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 6.1'' x 0.8'' x 0.9'

Tips on how to use Eyelash curlers

  1. Take off curler cap and remove the small cleaning brush.
  2. Turn curler on and wait until the indicator light behind the comb head changes from red to yellow.
  3. Curl the middle lashes first then either side of the lashes. Brush upwards while keeping the curler's heated comb surface pressed against your lashes for three seconds.
  4. Continue brushing upwards and hold curler at the tip of your lashes and gently force the lashes back and hold for another three seconds.
  5. Repeat the process until desired curl is achieved.
  6. Turn off when not in use to prolong battery life.

Reviews for Blinc Heated Eyelash Curlers

As an Asian woman, I have heavy lids (no fold) so it's sometimes hard for me to use regular eyelash curlers. I thought this heated curler would be the perfect solution. The curler does heat up very quickly, and seems to curl lashes, but you have to hold it to your lashes for at least 10-15 seconds to make sure they're good. Also, I feel like the lashes don't stay curled for as long. Ultimately, I didn't think it was worth the money, but it's a cool gadget if you have the patience for it!

Talika Heated Eyelash Curler

In 15 seconds, Talika Heated Eyelash Curler doubles the curve of your eyelashes, intensifying your look. A revolutionary and safe technology with gentle and controlled temperature and an attractive, modern design. Skin Type: All

Some tips from users of Heated Eyelash Curlers

  1. Heat the curler with hot water - Put your curler in hot water for 3 seconds, and use it to curl your lashes as usual. Please take note: feel the temperature with your hand first before you use on your lashes.
  2. Hot lashes heated eyelash curler - I have found by far the best heated eyelash curler, that takes the least amount of time and work, is the Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler. It only takes a few seconds to heat up and when I curled my lashes, the curl lasted till the next day. By far the best I have found.
  3. Mascara - Instead of using mascara to make your eyelashes look darker, put some Vaseline on them. Put a little on your fingertip and then rub onto your eyelash. It makes the lashes stay curled and look darker.
  4. How to curl your eyelashes - If you do not have a heated curler, try running your curler under hot water before curling your lashes. Just make sure to check that it is not too hot and dry it off throughly before usage. Good luck!
  5. Longer-lasting curl - Use a blow dryer to warm up the eyelash curler before you use it. The curl will be more defined and last longer!
  6. Best heated eyelash curler - I too have become a big fan of the Hotlashes heated eyelash curler. The best. So easy, so fast, so effective. I do not have to heat mine with a blow dryer. I do other parts of my makeup while this little machine warms my eyelash curler.

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