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Makeup Kits from Japonesque - Essentials of Makeup kit

A make up kit can consist of a number of items, some may choose a selection to comprise their kit of whilst others may use all of the items. The kit can consist of items ranging from cosmetics, to skin care to utensils required in order to apply all of the ingredients. Each individual bases the contents of their kit on their personal requirements. There is no set definition to describe what a makeup kit is. This is because a makeup kit, and its contents are completely at the discretion of the owner. The ingredients of a Makeup Kit involves:

  1. Foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, blusher, lip stick, lip gloss, cover up and bronzer. However, a basic kit may just include gloss, eye liner and mascara.
  2. Skin care items such as moisturizer, toner, cleanser, make up remover, nail polish remover and face packs.
  3. Utensils like brushes, tweezers, scissors, application pads, cotton wool balls and a mirror for the perfect application.

Japonesque 6-Well Makeup Palette - Silver

Silver/Brush/3"/Metal 6 compartments; includes mini lip brush; mirror; medium capacity wells.

Japonesque Empty Lip Palette

16 compartments (8 medium/8 half size) plus space for brush/pencil. Size is 5-1/2" x 2-1/12" x 1/2".

Japonesque Silhouette Brush Set

Be ready for anything with the Japonseque complete go-anywhere brush set and cosmetic bag. The perfect go-anywhere complement to our professional brushes. Stash this five-piece set in your gym bag, desk drawer, or travel case and you’ll get no-compromise looks even when you’re away from home. A stylish, go-anywhere cosmetic bag wraps each brush in its own protective sleeve with space for all your makeup essentials. It includes:

  1. Powder/blush
  2. Concealer
  3. Shadow
  4. Eyeliner
  5. Lip with cap
  6. Multiple pouches secure tools
  7. Inside pocket for expanded storage possibilities
  8. Twin zippered compartments

Japonesque 4 Pan Shadow Palette Kit with Mirror

4 large blush/shadow pans (1-7/16"); with a magnetic base and closure. Finish is glossy paper with matte lamination suitable for screening. 3-3/8" x 3-3/4" x 5/8"

Japonesque 12-Well Makeup Palette Organizer

The kit includes mini lip brush, mirror and small capacity wells. Save those last bits of lipstick and creme makeup! Scoop them into a Makeup Palette organizer from Japonesque and carry all of your favorite colors in one convenient little kit! Professional makeup artists around the world use larger version of Japonesque Makeup Palette organizers to consolidate lipstick, creme foundation and concealers.

Some tips from professionals for that excellent look using Makeup Kit

  1. Slice off the top of a tube of lipstick using a knife or spatula, and store lipstick tubes until needed for refills.
  2. Save one compartment as a mixing well for custom blending your own colors.
  3. Save this drawing to write in names, colors and brands for easy refilling.

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