Lighted Makeup Mirror

There are lots of lighted makeup mirror available in the market. People can select from the following:

Back-View Lighted Makeup Mirror

This mirror is uncommon and design for seeing back and front together. It is used for getting a perfect view from each angle. Does one always wish that had eyes in the back of the head? But now one can able to do it with the lighted makeup mirror.

With the help of this mirror one can flip the small mirror over and one has 5x magnification for applying makeup, facial tweezing and shaving.


  • It is double sided flip mirror along with 5x magnification
  • Vision of hair back for perfect styling
  • Lighted mirror
  • Mounts easily on any wall

Conair Classique Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror


  • Excellent chrome finish
  • Corded adapter or operates with 3 AA batteries
  • Height of mirror is about 11 inches and diameter of mirror is 4.5 inches
  • Optimum glare-free lighting
  • Two-sided mirror with 5x and 1x magnification

Jerdon 5X Lighted Brass Wall Mount Magnifying Mirror


  • It has optics that is free from fog and makes the mirror perfect for installation in the bathroom.
  • Available in a pretty polished brass finish
  • 5x magnification on one side and 1x magnification on the other side
  • Halo lighting gives illumination for applying tweezing, makeup, shaving etc.
  • Swivel mirror is extended to 13 in. and its rotate 360-degrees

Hot Spa Flexible Cordless Lighted Mirror


  • It is cordless and operated with battery

  • Regular and 3x magnification

  • Flexible neck adjusts to every angle

  • Suction cups mount to any surface

Conair Illumina Collection Two Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror


  • 4 colors balanced light settings: evening, day, home and office
  • 5x magnification or 1x magnification
  • Three panels are used to provide large angle viewing
  • Side view panels of mirror adjust for custom viewing and easily close for travel

Light Magnifying Mirror by Revlon


  • Perfect Travel Kit
  • 3x and 1x lighted mirror
  • Includes padded pouch
  • 1x- Rectangle mirror 5.25 ² tall X 5.72 ² wide
  • At home, electrical adapter saves on batteries

Ultra Circular Lighted Halo Makeup Mirror


  • 5x magnification and regular

  • Design and beauty compliments any décor

  • Telescopic Neck for making application of makeup easy

  • Power outlet in the base

  • Optimum Glare-Free lighting

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