Bindi - for Beauty of the Forehead

If you add a zero to the figure one, its value will increase ten times. Likewise, place a bindi (dot) on your forehead after make-up and the charm of the face will enhance ten times. Bindi (also called Bindiya) is a symbol, not only of beauty but of your 'suhag' too. Bindi is a symbol of good luck and purity. In ancient times sacred ashes (bhasm) or sandal wood paste (chandan) was used on the forehead. Although, traditionally only a round dot is permissible, these days the bindis are available in different colors and designs to match your make-up and dress. Remember following tips while applying bindi:

•  A small forehead appears large with an oblong bindi.

•  A broad forehead looks good with a round bindi.

•  On a fair complexion, a red bindi looks striking.

•  On a dark complexion, pink, orange or sandalwood colors appear prominent

•  A wheatish complexion requires a light red bindi.

•  If the skin is very dark, do not use red, steel grey or chocolate colors.

•  For large eyes, a big bindi is suitable.

•  For small eyes, use a small bindi.

•  A tall woman should use round-shaped bindi, whereas a short structured woman should put on a longish bindi.

•  Place the bindi in the middle if you have a broad forehead. If you have a narrow forehead put it between the eyebrows.

•  Light-tinged bindi looks pleasant in summer, whereas in winters and at night bright colors look good.

•  Middle-aged women are advised to use deep colors which lend gravity soberness to their personality.

•  Bindis are usually available in liquid, cream and powder forms. However powder bindi is difficult to use and requires cream or vaseline as base. Glass or plastic bindis can be stuck on.

•  Match your bindi with the dress and the occasion. Some women make, point to match their bindi with their dress; irrespective of the fact whether are going to a wedding, a festival or a party. Many times, instead of heightening their beauty, a wrong decision can make you look ridiculous and uncultured and mar your charm.

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