Bridal Make-up

Every woman must have the knowledge of bridal make-up and of things required for it. If the facilities of a beauty parlor are not available, bridal make-up depends much on the bride's family and friends, because the bride does not decorate herself for her marriage. Here are a few steps to keep in mind for bridal make-up:

•  For an immaculate make-up, a soft, smooth and lustrous skin is essential, and hence a couple of weeks before the wedding day great care should be taken to look after the skin of the body. Home-made concoctions (face-pack) and a good home-facial give the required softness to the skin. Steam the face and remove blackheads. Use some skin tonic or astringent lotion for a fresh look.

•  It is necessary to decorate hands in the morning on the wedding day. Make nails soft by dipping them in lukewarm water mixed with soap and soda bicarb and apply olive oil. Better go for a manicure.

•  Massage the hands and arms with a cream. Wash hands with lukewarm water and apply hand lotion so that they get a soft and smooth look. Paint nails with nail-polish. Decorate hands (and arms) with henna just one day prior to the wedding day.

•  Scrub the feet and apply 'alta' or mahawar. Visit a beauty parlor for a pedicure one day prior to the wedding, if possible.

•  A good hairstyle can be done only if the hair is not oily. So, shampoo them before make-up. Put them in rollers when wet and then dry them. Remove rollers when hair is dry. They will be wavy, and can be set well. Now draw forth smaller locks and do back -combing. Part your hair from the middle and make waves on both sides. A bride should have parting in the middle which matches well when decorated with 'matha-patti'. After setting the front hair, tie a bun. For short hair, ready-made 'switch' are readily available in the market. Hair spray will set the hair well and lend them luster.

•  Facial make-up is an important part of bridal make-up. Clean the face and use base cream, then apply make-up. If there are spots or shadows, hide them by applying light-tinged foundation or white lipstick on that part. Do not forget to apply foundation on the neck, otherwise it will appear darker than the face.

•  Now apply liquid rouge with a brush on the upper part of the cheeks and rub it down gently. It gives flush to the bride's face. Then apply face powder or compact powder evenly. Apply powder on the upper part of the eyelids and on the lips. Powder holds the mascara and lipstick.

•  After the face, do eye make-up. Put mascara on eyelids, eye-liner on the lashes and eye-shadow matching the clothes of the bride. Blue eye-shadow suits the bride's red dress. Green or golden eye-shadow can also be used with a red dress.

•  Lipstick is put on last of all. Apply a light shade first followed by a darker shade. Use a lip gloss on lipstick to ensure luster.

•  Now apply some astringent lotion so that the make-up is retained for a long time.

•  Put 'bindi' on the forehead. It could be round or according to the shape of the face. Bindi can be red matching the dress. Forehead can be decorated with small dots above the eyebrows in the shape of half-moon.

•  Although a bride looks beautiful in a red dress, the color may vary as per provincial traditions. They can be different in style: sari, suits, lehanga etc. Golden decoration on red dress gives a kind of glitter. Make-up is not complete without jewellery. 'Bindi' on forehead, 'jhoomer' or 'matha-patti', 'nath' on nose, earrings (jhumkas) on ears, necklace, bangles, 'kangans', 'bajuband', rings, 'payal' and 'hathfool' can also be worn by the bride.

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