Evening Make-up

Evening Make-up is also known as a Party Make-up. Follow the steps as listed below:

1. Clean your face with cleansing milk.

2. If your skin is oily, wash with water. If it is too oily, wash with soap.

3. Pat skin tonic or astringent.

4. Spread a bit of moisturizer all over your face and neck.

5. Use tinted foundation on the face and neck in dots, then spread it evenly, including the corners of the mouth and temples.

6. Powder your face lightly.

7. Use an eyebrow brush to remove traces of powder.

8. Use a blush-on or a gleamer, starting from the cheek-bones moving towards the nose and back to cheeks and ears. Do not spread blush-on lower than your earlobes, beyond the middle line of the eyes or towards the nose.

9. Line your eyebrows with dark grey or black or dark brown eyebrow pencil. Draw the line with a frosted eye-shadow pencil on the lower lid of the eye, close to the roots of the eyelashes. Then draw a line on the top lid. Blend it on the area left on the upper lid of the eye. Use eye-shadow of the color matching your dress, starting from one corner of the eye to the other.

10. The area under the eyebrows could be worked on with a highlighter, starting at the middle of the eyebrow towards the temple, covering the length of the eyebrow and finishing off gradually towards the temple.

11. Now use an eye-liner - black, brown or dark blue, drawing a thin line on the top lid. Start from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.

12. Use a dark grey eyebrow pencil to complete the corner of the eyes where the upper and lower lids meet.

13. Use mascara on the top and lower eyelashes.

14. Use a lip gloss. First do the outlining of the lips, then fill them up with the brush.

15. Give a touch of highlighter on the temples, cheekbone, the ridge of the nose and the chin - all these add glow in artificial lights during evening. The highlighters could be golden, pearly, plain white or silvery.

16. Finally check that there is no powder on the hairline, foundation sticking to the hair or a touch of any cosmetic giving an ugly look.

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