Eye Makeup: Your Eyes and Make-up

Many people who have beautiful eyes are really lucky. But if you do not have that wish granted to you, don't worry and don't feel disheartened. You can ensure their beauty by following a few careful lines and strokes. For eye make-up you require the following material:

Eye-brow Pencil - For giving shape to eyebrows.
Eye-liner - liquid used on the eye-lashes in a thin line.
Eye-shadow - used on eyelids between eyebrows and eyelashes.
Mascara - used to thicken eyelashes.

In eye make-up, the sequence followed is thus - eye-shadow, eye-liner and mascara.
You can see the difference the various eye make-ups can make to small, close-se wide-set, deep-set or round eyes.

Make-up for Round Eyes  

Line the upper lid, starting from the inner corner and extend it out. Eye-shadow can be used on the lid and also on the inner side of the eyebrow. This will make your eyebrow look longer.

Make-up for Small Eyes

Make a line on the top of the eyelid as well as on the lower one and extend the meeting line fairly out to give the impression of more length to the eyes. This line should bend slightly upwards. Mascara can be used to give the eyes an illusion of length. Use eye-shadow only at lower portion of eyebrow, and not on the upper lid.

Make-up for Wide-set Eyes  

To bring the eyes closer and look a bot small, start the upper lining from the inner corner of the eye, bringing it out near the nose ridge. The go back to the outer corner, without extending it too much. Use pencil on your eyebrows to get them closer to each other. Make sure, the perfect distance is equal to the width of your eyes. Use eye-shadow starting from the inner side of the upper lid and under the brow.

Make-up for Close-set Eyes  

The perfect distance between the two eyes should be equal to the width of your eyes. To off-set this closeness for close set eyes, start drawing the upper line away from the inner corner of your eye, and going out and up. You can draw half of the lower line again, starting away from the inner corner. Using a tweezer and tweezing the eyebrows neatly ensures that eyes do not have a close-set appearance. Use eye-shadow on the outer half of the lid above the eye and under the brow.

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