Your Makeup Box and Dressing Room

Your well-equipped make-up box and dressing room should have the following makeup items and make-up tools:

. Cleanser: cream or liquid.

. Toner: rose-water is a good inexpensive product for all skins.

. Moisturizers : should be non-greasy, easily absorbed.

. Night cream: creams for very dry skins should be quickly absorbed; there is no need to go to bed with a greasy face.

. Astringent lotion: also used as skin freshener.

. Under-eye cream or oil : apply with pads of your second finger with a light touch. It removes dark circles under the eyes.

. Face masks: available in the market in sachet or tube form.

. Foundation cream: available in liquid, cream, stick or cake form. Always look for a light base foundation as heavy foundation does not look natural.

. Blemish stick: to cover up blemishes. Apply with a clean brush, so that the color is toned to blend with your skin.

. Loose powder: a translucent shade is the best, since it will go with all skin- tones, according to weather, health, age, etc.

. Solid compact: used for touching up make-up only.

. Blusher: available in stick, powder, cream or gel form.

. Eye-shadow: available in cream, powder, solid block, liquid, gel form. Solid block eye-shadow is used with water. Selection of eye-shadow is made according to the mood, clothes and make-up.

. Eye-liner: available in solid or liquid form.

. Eye-brow pencil: available in assorted shades.

. Mascara: available in block with or without thickening fibers.

. False eye-lashes: when not in use, keep them in the box or curled around a

make-up brush.

. Lipstick: a set of lipsticks in assorted shades.

. Lip gloss: clear, to go over lipstick or in soft colors to give sheen to the lips.

. Soft tissues: to remove skin make-up and eye make-up. Avoid use of hard tissues, which drag delicate skin.

. Absorbent cotton: usually available in balls or pads. Used for removing old

nail polish.

. Make-up sponges: made from soft, flesh-colored plastic foam. Keep minimum half a dozen sponges ready in your kit. These are used for evenly applying foundation and cream blusher. Use a clean sponge every time.

. Blusher brush: a thick, soft brush.

. Eye-shadow brush: straight-edged ¼ " wide brush with long handle.

. Eye-liner brush: theatrical brush with a long handle.

. Lip brush: soft, pointed brush with a long handle.

. Velour powder puffs: easier to use than sponge or fluffy powder puffs. It is also used for gently pressing loose powder.

. Cotton buds: used for removing stray dark splodges of make-up. Also good for cleansing one specific area, such as eyes, without removing rest of your make-up.

. Nail polish remover: gentle, oily type.

. Nail clippers: usually sharp.

. Nail scissors: sharp with fine curved point.

. Emery board: for smoothing rough edges of nails when worn out. Avoid metal files, they are likely to damage the nails.

. Orange stick: the pointed end removes dirt and old nail polish trapped under the nail. The wedge-shaped end is for gently easing back cuticles.

. Large Brush: for hair, with natural bristles.

. Large tooth comb: for untangling hair after washing.

. Tail comb: for hair-setting.

. Sticky tape: for setting small side and back curls.

. Base coat: a pale pink nail polish, helps the top coat to last longer.

. Varnish: solvent for thinning the nail polish. Varnishes tend to thicken once open.

. Hair band or elastic ribbon: to keep hair away from the face.

. Disposable puffs

. Tweezers

. Towels

. Mesh rollers in various sizes for holding short hair

. Portable hair dryer

. Hair net

. Bath mitt

. Loofah or back brush

. Eye-lash curler

. Cuticle remover

. Pumice stone

. Bath oil and bubble bath

. Body lotion

. Perfumes

. Shampoo

. Hair spray

. Suntan lotion

. Olive oil

. Mouth wash

. Cold cream

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