Makeup Removers - Removing Makeup

During the whole day or may be sometimes in the night as well, the makeup always keep on fading away from your skin. Instead of this you still need to remove it thoroughly at night, especially if the makeup is oil-based. There are many harmful effects if you don't remove your makeup daily such as it can attract dirt, clog pores, and cause breakouts. Women who use water-based products may be able to remove all of the makeup with the same cleanser used on the face in the morning. However, oil-based makeup used on dry or combination skin needs to be removed with a makeup removal product such as some moisturisers.

Makeup removers according to your skin types

  • The first step for choosing the best Makeup removers is to selected your skin type.
  • Then accordingly there are many products available in the market, apply the product according to instructions.
  • You may need to leave it on your skin for several minutes to give it time to dissolve the cosmetics.
  • Cotton swabs may be more useful for the sensitive eye area.
  • Take care not to tug or pull at your skin.
  • Avoid waterproof products for easy removing yur make-up.

Tip for Makeup Removers

Women with sensitive skin should avoid products containing irritants such as alcohol and fragrance. Pencil and powder eyeliner or eyebrow makeup will be easier to remove than liquid products. If you wear contact lenses, look for eye makeup labeled 'for contact-lens wearers' to avoid irritation.

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