Makeup Tricks

Make-up is divided into two categories - for yourself or for others. Your own face is the one you wear make-up for yourself. To put it plainly, it is the real you. The second category of make-up is for others, as when you are going for a catwalk or before a camera or the audience. Though the basic principle of make-up technique remains the same, but a sense of what the occasion demands is important when you are applying make-up. Remember, in day light, a heavy make-up looks un-natural.

It is best to keep your make-up to the minimum to give a natural look. Whatever the type of make-up, the following basic rules should be kept in mind:

•  Choose your light. Day-light make-up is the best put in daylight. So do it by a window or, failing that, under fluorescent lighting. Use a hand mirror for close work, like eye make-up.

•  Apply make-up on freshly cleaned skin, which should be toned and moisturized. Start make-up after five minutes, to allow skin to settle.

•  Give sufficient time to do a good make-up. Avoid rushed make-up. Plan your look before you begin. Experimenting and practizing gradually, build up speed.

Always use the correct beauty tools and cosmetics of good quality.

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