Night Make-up

Night make-up can be a bit heavy. Use a tinted foundation for a dry skin and pancake for an oily skin.

Cream rouge is a better choice as it spreads on nicely without stretching the skin. Blush-on is the best rouge.

Make a correct choice of color for a frosted eye-shadow, keeping in view the color of the clothes you are wearing.

Apply light eye-shadow starting from the middle of your upper lid and finish under the brow end.

Draw eye-liner over the upper lid, keeping as close as possible to the eyelashes. Use mascara on the lashes.

Powder your face after applying cream or liquid rouge, using a matching shade. Finish off with lipstick. Make sure your eyebrows do not look powdery. Treat your neck as a part of your face and apply on it the same facial make-up.

Use a little blush - on the cheeks, nose and chin. Apply a little blush on the forehead.

Give a touch of highlighter on the nose and at the temples, a bit on the chin gives a glow at night.

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