Nail Art

Nail art means decoration of nails for enhancement of nail beauty. It is carried out from ancient time but got major popularity in recent days. During ancient time it is more common in China, Egypt, and India. Commonly women beautify their nails according to their clothes type. A custom French manicure is one of the famous types of nail art.

How to Do Nail Art ?

Below are the some basic steps for creating beautiful nail design.

  • Basic requirement for nail art is healthy nails so keep your nail healthy. A bumpy or irregular nail does not give plan surface for painting so it may give horrible look.
  • Purchase good quality of nail art products. Acrylic paints are chosen by most of the professional nail designers because it is better over nail polish.
  • Buy only that kit which perfectly suits on you and comfortable to your budget.
  • Grasp different methods of nail art from beauty parlors or books. Search for good design on website, seminars or magazines. You can also create design by your own imagination.
  • Depending on your nail art select base coat. You can apply single or multiple colors together for base coat.
  • Apply nail base coat for strengthening of nail art. It also holds the different colors together.
  • After finishing nail art cover your nails with acrylic paint but before it make sure nails are dried well. After interval of every 3-4 days repeat top coat.

Care Tips for Nail Art

  • During gardening or washing wear hand gloves for protection of nails.
  • For moisturizing your nail apply cuticle oil daily.
  • Application of two base coats is mostly preferred for strengthening of nail art.
  • Buy only good quality nail art products as other may harm your nail.

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