3D Nail Art Designs

3D nail art designs are beautiful and creative designs which are created by nail artists. One of the famous and common designs in 3D nail art is 3D flowers. Large variety of 3D flower designs are available in market. Artist creates these designs with the help of nail art products and other material. Various nail art galleries, websites and magazines are resources for 3D nail art design.

3D Japanese Nail Art Designs

3D Japanese nail art generally includes decorated nails, polka-dot nails, nails designed with stars, flowers and small dolphins. Valley nails in New York is expert in Japanese nail art which is working in the US.
3D nail art created by other artists consist of only small design and glue but Japanese artist go beyond it and their design consist of 3D flowers, complicated patterns, jewelry etc. Depending upon difficulty design may take few minutes to some hours for complete design achievement

How 3D Nail Art Molds are Used?

3D nail art molds are most helpful for creation of three-dimensional nail art design. By using this 3D molds you can easily apply 3D nail art design. How you can use 3D nail art molds for that following are the steps to be followed.

  • Choose the color you like then fill it in 3D nail art molds.
  • Wait for one minute for drying purpose.
  • After drying remove it from mold and with the help of tweezers apply it on nails.
  • You can also directly apply design from mold on nails.
  • Apply nail glue or small amount of powder to the nail for sticking purpose.
  • Repeat the process until most wanted is achieved.
  • By using nail art polish decorate it and then for finishing touch apply top coat.

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