Airbrush Nail Art

Nail art airbrush is widely used in nail art design. It is one of the most useful products in nail art. An airbrush is small air-operated tool which sprays different types of colors or ink. An atomization process is generally used in airbrushing. Colors from airbrush go with low viscosity so that you can use them in the premium airbrushes.

How to apply Airbrush Nail Art

  1. Prepare your nail for airbrush nail art.
  2. Spray base color which you want on nail by using airbrush.
  3. After drying of color by using stencil spray colors with the help of airbrush on nails which is responsible for creation of design or art.
  4. After completion of above steps you can apply different materials such as flowers, paint, starts etc.
  5. Apply top coat to complete airbrush nail art process.

Benefits of Airbrush Nail Art

  • Easy to use
  • Gives professional look
  • Color dries in few seconds.
  • Helpful in variety of color mixing.

Other Required product for Airbrush Nail Art

Along with airbrush you also need some other material to complete nail art. Below is the name of items for nail art.

  • Different color or ink
  • Base coat
  • Stencils or masks for creating designs
  • Airbrush cleaner
  • Top coat

Product Names of Airbrush Nail Art

Different types of nail art airbrush are available in market and most of the salon uses it widely. Below are some names of airbrush.

  1. G40 Dual-Action Airbrush-Fine Nail Art
  2. Visage VN2040PL Nail Art Airbrush
  3. G25 Precision Dual-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush

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