Cool Finger Nail Art

Fingernail art is practice from ancient period but in latest some years it gets more popularity. Various fingernail art kits are present in market, by using this products you can enhance your nail beauty. Designing and beautification of fingernails is called as fingernail art. Metallic color such as pewter or gold is more suitable for fingernail art hence mostly preferred.

How to Do Fingernail Art at Home?

There are different ways of designing your fingernails some of them are described below.

  • Easiest way is paint your nails with different coats then immerse small pin in dissimilar colors and put dots on nails with this pin.
  • Another simple method is dip brush into various colors except base color and draw fine lines from any point of view or in any direction. You can create numerous designs with the help of this method.
  • Fingernail art using jewels is rapid and easy way for nail decoration. But this is not for longer period of time. To increase time hold you can cover up it with clear nail polish.
  • You can create nail sticker at home on plain sticker by creating petite design on paper. Designs may include flowers, star, dots and other shapes.
  • On artificial nails you can create many designs with the help of glue, glitter and nail polish.
  • You can decoupage nails by cutting pictures of small size then apply decoupage glue on nails. After that put picture where you want and again apply decoupage glue.

Rub-on Fingernail Art

This is latest way to decorate fingernails and does not require liquid nail polish, glue or wet decals. A transparent carrier sheet has a rub-on transfer art. To transfer a rub-on transfer art rubbing of the carrier sheet on the top is done. By using a release sheet which is attached to the carrier sheet is used to transfer rub-on transfer art on fingernail. In other ways adhesive or tube structure is used for transformation of rub-on transfer art on fingernails.

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