Nail Art Decals

Nail art decals is simplest, easy and quick way for decorating nails. Not only simple design decals but 3D nail art decals are also available for nail art. You can use it for fingernails as well as for toenails. Nail art decals are attached to backing paper which is removed and placed over nails. Rubber decals also used as an inlay for gel or acrylic nails. Beneficial part of nail art decal is easy to attach and remove and professional designs. Astrological nail art decals contain horoscopy sign, symbols and letters in sliver color. Nail art decals also expresses your individuality and fashion. It is used by both men and women.

How to Apply Nail Art Decals?

Nail art decals is applied on the nails by using three different methods. Details of these methods are as follows.

  1. Water Set Decals - Cut your decal around the design. On table put drop of water. By using blue paper set nail decal inside the drop. When paper start curling remove decal from water and place it on nail where you want it. Press it to remove excess water and air. After waiting for few seconds apply topcoat to decal area and left it for drying purpose. Then put fine layer of topcoat to entire nail and allow it to dry.
  2. Rubber Decals - Apply dry base coat by using nail polish that you want. After drying of first coat apply thin layer of second coat. With tweezers pick decal from the backing plastic and put it on dried coat. Make sure that all air pockets is removed from decals. To finish work apply thick layer of nail polish and leave for drying.
  3. Full Sheet Nail Decals - Apply two coats one after another but not before drying of first one. Pick decal from design sheet and rub it on nails where you want. After continuous rubbing decal is transferred on nail then remove sheet. If any edge is escape then press it on nail. After this step apply next coat of polish for protection of nail decal then dry it well.

Designs Included in Nail Art Decals

Various types of different and delicate designs are present in nail art decals. Designs may ranges from simple to complex with different colors. Designs may include

  • Simple flowers
  • Butterflies
  • Stars
  • 3D flowers or other 3D designs
  • Jewelry designs
  • Horoscope signs with symbols
  • Swirled patterns
  • Heart
  • Ocean life designs

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