Nail Art Designs Gallery

Nail art designs gallery is defined as large collection of various type designs which required in nail art. Designs that are used to decorate your nail are included in nail art design gallery. Nail art designs gallery comprise designs of famous nail technicians from all over world. If you want to show your creative nail art pictures then you can easily add it to nail art design gallery. Main types of designs are Airbrushed, 3D nails, Acrylic and Freehand nail art.

Design Types in Nail Art Designs Gallery

Nail art design gallery consist of numerous designs of nail art. These designs are categorized into following types.

  • Airbrushed nail art designs - Designs are made up by using airbrush, stencils, masks or lace.
  • Fingernail art - Design made for only finger nails.
  • Toenail art - This includes designs for toenails.
  • Freehand nail art - You can design unique nail design by using brush, glitter, acrylic paints, rhinestones and pearls. You can do it on natural nail as well as on artificial nails.
  • Fancy French - Designs are very popular and created by using white tips or white acrylic.
  • Wedding nails- Specially design for brides for their wedding day. Design includes beautiful nail art.
  • 3D Nail art - This specially contains 3D flowers. Designer creates design by their own imagination which is beautiful to look.
  • Seasonal or holiday nail art - Includes Christmas nail art designs.
  • Acrylic Nail Art - Designs are prepared on acrylic base for artificial nails.
  • Photographic designs - Designs are photographed in a inventive or creative fashion.

Other Additional Features of Nail Art Gallery

Along with nail art design gallery also contains some other features which is as follow

  1. Step-by-step instructions to get desired nail look.
  2. Music during browsing of nail art gallery
  3. List of products required for nail art
  4. Names of different color needed for nail art.
  5. Promotional tips for nail art businesses.

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