Beautiful Nail Art Designs

Nail art design is creation or transformation of design on nails by using various nail art products. You can select simple or complicated designs. Many nail artists create designs which illustrate our personality, lifestyle and vision. You can use your own imagination for creation of unique design. Without help of brush, glitter, colors, jewels, nail polish, stencils, 3D items or decals it is impossible to create pretty and delicate nail art designs.

Types of Nail Art Designs

  • Airbrushed nail art designs
  • Freehand nail art design
  • Seasonal design
  • 3D Nail art design
  • Color blends nail designs
  • Wedding nail design
  • Acrylic nail art design
  • Fancy French design
  • French and American manicure designs
  • Fingernail art design

Pictures Involved in Nail Art Designs

  1. Simple flowers
  2. 3D flowers or other 3D designs
  3. Stars
  4. Swirled patterns
  5. Jewelry designs
  6. Heart
  7. Butterflies
  8. Ocean life designs
  9. Horoscope signs with symbols
  10. Christmas tree

Tips for Nail Art Designs

  • Don’t overuse material and design pattern because it may give ugly look to your nails.
  • Apply clear polish coating every day if you want same design for more number of days to provide fresh look.
  • Prefer metallic color and dark shades because it more suitable for nail art designs.
  • Use separate tool for different color and don’t apply next color before first dried complete.
  • Apply two coats to make strong base for further nail art.
  • Clean nail tools neatly to avoid infection because same tools are used by many people.

Removal of Nail Art Designs

Depending upon material used in nail art design removal of design is carried out. Soak your nails for few minutes if you used decals, glue and jewelry in nail designing. Acetone based nail polish remover and cotton ball is mostly used in elimination process of nail art.

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