Nail Art Supplies

Nail art supplies are supplier for nail art. Nail art is practiced from ancient time but it gets popularity in recent decades. You can buy nail art products from stores or net, which are parts of nail art supplies. You can get all varieties of nail products from nail art supplier but some suppliers are famous for specific product. Quality and price of nail art product is differing from supplier to supplier.

Online Nail Art Supplies

Numerous websites are available on net which provides online nail art products. Some names of such nail art supplies are as follows

  • Designer Nail
  • At Your Finger Tips
  • Sparkly Nails supplies
  • Salon Supply Sources Co.Ltd
  • Liberty Nail Design's Nail Art Shop

Wholesale Nail Art Supplies

Wholesale nail art supplies are suppliers who provide nail products at lowest rate. Following are some names for wholesale nail art supplies

  1. Creative Ten supplies
  2. BMNE Direct supplies
  4. Dollar Nail Art
  6. Ozinee Nail Art

Name of Products Supplied by Nail Art Supplies

  • Nail Paint
  • Rhinestones and Sparkles
  • Dried Flowers or Crushed Shells
  • Nail Jewelry or Pearls
  • 3D Nail Sticker
  • Nail Art Brushes
  • Stencils and Decals
  • Glitter
  • Nail Tools
  • Nail Tips
  • Nail Files and Block

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