Angel Perfume

Angel perfume is having refreshing oriental woody fragrance. It contains a mixture of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli fragrances. It also contains fresh fruit notes like citrus, melon, peach, and plum.

There are many varieties of Angel perfume such as:

  • Angle Innocent Perfume
  • Angel Rose Perfume
  • Angle Schlesser Perfume
  • Angel Peony Perfume
  • Angel Violet Perfume
  • Angel Lily Perfume
  • Angle Schlesser Essential Perfume

The people fond of strong fragrance are bound to fall for Angel perfume range. The fragrance is bold and blatant and by wearing this you will surely statement anywhere – everywhere. . It’s slightly intoxicating, heady perfume which goes well with Mugler’s clothes, not with floral, summer dresses but with something more formal and classy. Many find these fragrances too bold to wear in public and prefer it during intimate times and wearing it with loved ones in private.

Do choose what complements your natural body odor.


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