Armani Perfume

Giorgio Armani basicaly from Italy and is the most popular & influential fashion designer in the world. His mens aftershaves are very popular in world and mostly used by sophisticated gentlemen like, Armani himself. Giorgio Armani bases all of his clothes on the philosophy of integrated high fashion and style with everyday, ordinary people. Wearing an Armani will surely make you feel like a celeb. The designer collection has something for all.

ARMANI fragrances for men or women by Giorgio Armani were launched in 1984. This designer fragrance is a flowery blend of flowery aromas. ARMANI colognes for men by Giorgio Armani fragrances are recommended for romantic wear.

All Giorgio Armani Perfumes, Colognes and other products we sell are name brand originals, produced and bottled by the original manufacturers. Giorgio Armani, an Italian designer who began his fashion career working in a department store in Milan, Italy. He soon moved on to become a freelance fashion designer and created a line of men’s clothing in the 1970’s that implemented leather and other rare fabric combos into regular wear attire.

ARMANI by Giorgio Armani is really a great summer fragrance, and is worth every penny spent. It has a light and clean scent that lasts for hours. The bottle too is beautifully designed, and it typically depicts the Giorg". It Is A Clean, Citrus Scent that would compliment any suit. The Blended with notes of cedar, musk and sandalwood really stands out.

Do apply perfume right after you shower or bathe. Your pores will be open and soak up the scent.


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