Acne Keloidalis-Causes, Treatment

What is Acne Keloidalis?

Acne Keloidalis occur because of inflammation of growing hair of the back head and neck in to the skin or occurrence of keloidlike papules and plaques on the posterior part of the neck and cause to scars tissues. It can occur to anybody but mostly have been seen in African-American-man and rarely reported in women and non-African American man. Firm, keloid-like papules, nodules, and pustules are the hallmarks of this disease.

Causes of Acne Keloidalis

Cause is unknown but there are some reason by which Acne Keloidalis may occur.

  • Regular irritation from shirt collar may be a reason of this disease.
  • Use of antiepileptic drugs is also play an important role in occurrence of Acne Keloidalis.
  • Increased number of mast cells in keloids.
  • Uses of antiepileptic drugs may also cause to the Acne Keloidalis.
  • Systemic steroid therapy is cause of this disease.

Treatment of Acne Keloidalis

  • Person who suffering from this disease should not edged occipital part of their hairline with razor.
  • Should not try to wear tight shirts or any other cloths.
  • Initiating therapy reduces the chance of developing large lesions.
  • Combination of retinoic acid and corticosteroid cream or gel may be sufficient.
  • Laser therapy and Cryotherapy both have been proved in some cases.
  • To prevent recurrence apply a tretinoin-fluorinated steroid mixture to the occipital part of the scalp after healing has taken place and it should apply twice in the day.
  • Antibiotics and intralesional steroid injections are used to reduce the size of inflammation.
  • Surgical excision is used to treat large keloidal plaques.
  • Radiotherapy is useful to treat this disease.
  • Clindamycin and rifampicin antibiotics are used for three months course.
  • Diode laser has been used to decrease the size and number of papules.