Blister Friction Type- Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies

What is Blister Friction Type?

Blister Friction is a increased skin which is packed with the clear liquid or fluid caused by the frustration with continuous rubbing or pressure. Friction blister mostly occurred on the feet because of the tight and fitting shoes. This irritation create minor damage to the skin and then tissue beneath the skin thus fluid gathers in the raised skin.

Symptoms:Friction blister may occur any where in the body but it is mostly occurs on the feet. It is like bubble filled with clear fluid and we can't touch it because it is very painful.

Treatment of Blister Friction

If you will keep these blisters clean and clear then you don't need to treat them with medicine because they get better by their own. You just need to observe the signs of infection carefully such as redness or red streaks around the blisters, pus within the blisters and raising heat and pain in the blisters and protect them. Skin protect itself with natural protection and therefore we should leave them as it to get them better by their own. Don't try to break them or cut the overlying skin just protect them with a sterile bandage to avoid the irritation. If some time blister breaks by itself just wash the area with clean water and antibacterial soap.

People who are the patient of diabetes and the people who are disable physically and can't keep the infected area clean they must remove their blisters by a foot specialist. Diabetes patient must take care of their feet daily and should examine them for blisters.


  • Shoes must be sport specific
  • Shoes must be perfect it should not too big or not too small.
  • At the time of trying shoes just try it with socks which you normally used for getting perfect size.
  • Change the socks time to time to make them dry.
  • Use sandal more than the shoes.
  • Powders and spray antiperspirants containing is approved by the doctor
  • Petroleum jelly should used to avoid friction.

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