Dark Black Skin Dark Hair

Celebrities with such looks:
Venus Williams, Alek Wek

What are your best eye colors?
Navy blues, deep plums, dark or reddish

The style best blush:
Plums or dark browns

Lipstick looking at its best:
Raisin browns, deep or glossy plums, deep reds, chocolate browns

This can be the hardest coloring to find makeup for; as many companies don’t understand dark skin. Aim for the deepest, warmest shade of any color (particularly the reds, plums, blues and browns you find in your skin) and skip bright shades or anything with a cool blue or pink base. Shimmery shades look great – particularly in the evenings – as do gloss lipsticks.

For eyes, choose the darkest, inkiest mascara to show your lashes off. Be careful when choosing foundation – many shades have ashy undertones which can make you look washed out and ruin the effects of your carefully chosen makeup. Specialist ranges offer the best choices.


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