Dark Hair Pale Skin

Celebrities with such looks:
Anjelica Huston, Courteney Cox

What are your best eye colors?
Cool grey, black ivory, silver and rich plum

The style best blush:
Sugary or rose pink

Lipstick looking at its best:
Fuchsia pinks, crimson reds, deep plums or mauves

The strong contrast between your hair and skin means that dramatic makeup suits you best. If there is one coloring that can really carry off both dark eyes and strong lips it’s yours. In fact you break all the rules. While the shades in your skin tone (normally pinks, ivories and blues) will look good, contrast will look even better – particularly in the evening, when cool-tones, dark smoky eyes (slate grey or bitter chocolate brown) and bright fuchsia or crimson lips will create the ultimate sophisticated look.

Whatever you do, make sure you keep your blusher pale pink – sugary or rose tones are the most flattering. And don’t forget lashes and brows – they are vital to frame striking looks.


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