Dark Hair Warm Skin

Celebrities with such looks:
Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford

What are your best eye colors?
Olive green, rust, beige, chocolate browns, earthy reds and oranges

The style best blush:
Tawny browns or apricot – and a brightening pink for sleepy skin

Lipstick looking at its best:
Rusts, raisins, warm chocolate brown or orangey reds

Nothing looks better on dark, olive coloring than deep shades of warm colors. Again, look hard at your skin and you’ll see tones of olive green, ochre, russets, chocolate browns and earthy reds – which if why you should be choosing these in your makeup. They’ll just give your face a glow and a permanently sun-kissed look. For blush, tawny shades will suit you day to day, but buy a warm pink for when you feel tired. Fatigue can make olive skin look sallow; the pink counteracts this and bring your skin back to its normal shade.

Pinks and blues are a no-no for you – as your skin is more yellow than caramel, they will make you look washed out.


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