Florid Skin

Sensitive, skin which often erupts with blemishes and freckles easily. The skin that comes with reddish hair.

Eyes: Use brick-colored shadow and more than two shades can be applied. Apricot is a good highlighter. Outline eyes with brown pencil.

Lips: Orange shade is the best on you. Use it as a base with tones of brown copper or brick colors.

Cheeks: Earthy colors in browns are best but always to be used lightly. An orange tint is better than pink if more color is needed to contrast with contour lines.

Base make-up: Tone down a ruddy (bright) complexion with a yellow-tinted base coat; it takes the redness out of the skin.

Hair : Don't apply red which accentuates the red in the complexion.

Do: Be careful of cold winds or extremely hot sun. Your skin may react with tiny broken blood vessels. Give extra care in harsh weather conditions.

Don't: Use bold shadow on the eyes. Avoid pink tones. Use brown color on the skin.

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