Ivory Skin

The skin looks like ivory, which is clear blemish-free creamy skin and natural hair color.

Eyes: Use charcoal grays and blues for a misty effect. To contrast add pink highlights and grey kohl inside the eye rims.

Lips: Wear a strong red at night and softer pink-brown tones for the day.

Cheeks: Apricot colors are good, but depending upon the lip color add a little brown for a richer.

Hair : Highlight naturally light-colored hair or blonde hair with ash or streaks.

Base make-up: For a natural look use ivory-beige, the same color as the skin inside your wrist.

Do: This is fine skin, protect it from the sun. Look after fine lines with a good moisturizer.

Don't: Use a base that has strong pink in it.

Use orange lip color.

Define the eyes with black.

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