Light Black Skin Dark Hair

Celebrities with such looks:
Halle Berry, Tyra Banks

What are your best eye colors?
Charcoal grey, bitter chocolate browns, pale pinks, lilacs and sky blues; mascara should be black or brown black

The style best blush:
Shimmery pinks look great with pastel make-up, or try caramel shades if you are using dark makeup on your eyes

Lipstick looking at its best:
Nude, bitter chocolate browns, pale shimmery pinks or warm brown pinks

Despite the darker pigmentation of your skin, you’re often more cool complexioned than warm. Many light black skins have a ashy tone, which means you will see grey, beige and bone tints when you look at your wrist. Avoid the bright primary shades that are often recommended for black skin, as they will overpower your creamy complexion, and go for intense pastel shades for dramatic contrast. Wear these with very natural lips or balance your face. If you don’t want to use color, dark eye and pale lip combination looks amazing on you. Some pale black skins do have warm tones, in this case use paler, pastel versions of the colors and remember the less-is-more rule.


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