Olive Skin

The skin is oily, often with a few blemishes. The skin tans well in summer but looks sallow in winter. Hair is always dark and often black.

Eyes: Outline them with black or grey. Use soft apricot or cream highlighters.

Lips: Contrast mouth with skin color using strong reds, even tangerine. Outline mouth in red first, then smudge outline and put on lip color.

Cheeks: Pink is taboo. Instead pick warm, brick colors tinted with apricot.

Base make-up: Pick colors the same as your skin.

Hair : Avoid yellowish colors. Use dark burgundy for tinting. In winter when skin is sallow, color needs to be warmer.

Do: Watch the foods you eat. Avoid too many fats and oils. Wear as little makeup as you can.

Don't: Try to look cute with baby doll shades. No pink base make up or soft lip colors.

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