Tawny Skin

Honey-colored warm skin. Blemish-free and tans easily to a rich color. Usually with brown/blonde hair.

Eyes: Highlight brow-bone with off-white, then use tawny browns and tans along the lids.

Lips: Outline the mouth in brown, then color it in pinks or orange-tinted browns.

Cheeks: Red earth color like henna is used lightly. Otherwise a tan with a tint of orange in it.

Base make-up: Choose a color that plays up your natural skin tone. If well tanned, then choose browns, otherwise a tint of orange.

Hair: Rich brown color hair from light copper reds to gold. If you have a mousy-colored hair, use a shampoo in lightening color.

Do: Watch out for freckles if the skin is sensitive. Good care will help towards your skin retaining its youthful looks for a long time. .

Don't: Wear bold shades. Use muddy lip gloss. Try and lighten your skin ton with ivory base.

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